End of the School Year

To say that the past few weeks have been a bit hectic would be an understatement. With the end of the school year comes meetings with the teacher, report card signings and class parties. I have three children in elementary school so multiply that by 3. To add to this fun, my daughter Hope is in the sixth grade. So there were also countless mom meetings about graduation, where to have the party, how many people can each child invite, what food to serve, when to schedule Mass, do we want the choir to sing at Mass...the list goes on and on.

We also had a few surprises. The school informed us that this year, there would be no acto academico (commencement ceremony). All because of the Flu Scare from a few months ago. (Do you even remember that?) This was very disappointing, because the acto academico is the big end of school year event with poetry, plays and dance numbers performed by every class in the school.

Another very big surprise was that the 6th graders would not be taking the Secundaria (Junior High) entrance exam nor would there be a raffle amongst the students to see if they would be attending secundaria in the morning or the afternoon. These two things have been occurring for many, many years, so not only were the parents and students surprised, but so were the rest of the locals.

But the icing on the cake was being informed, this past Thursday, that there would indeed be a small acto academico on Friday morning. I'm so glad that we got a few hours notice!

The graduation ceremony was sweet and simple. It lasted less than an hour. After a very moving speech given by the director (principal), each student was called to the stage of the school's teatro and was given a folder with their diploma. I was a little worried that I would embarrass myself and Hope by crying like a baby during the ceremony, but I was able to keep the tears to a minimum.

Words cannot explain how proud I am of my children. All three of them ended the school year with very good grades. Nick and Ashley both had 9.9 grade point averages. (10 being the best!) And Hope finished 6th grade with a 9.0.

This school year was a very good year indeed!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Yes indeed! This was obviously a good year for raising Limones. Felicidades :)

  2. Damn swine flu! LOL - thx for sharing!!

  3. I have been following your recipe blog. I really like it and I also like this blog! I am going to be going to Mexico some time next year. I am going to a small town (my husband calls it a rancho) in Veracruz, Mexico. I have looked on a map and it looks like it close to the Hildago border and close to oaxaca! A long way down! Do you live in a small city that is referred to as a rancho? You can email me at crystalita83@gmail.com
    Congrats to your kids!!

  4. BOB: I like your idea of "Raising Limones". If I ever decide to change the name of my blog, I know what to call it...Raising Limones!!!

    OMT: Yes, that darn Swine Flu is still causing a few problems!

    Crystal: Welcome to the blogs! Hope you enjoy them. Yahualica is called a pueblo, but we have many ranchos nearby!

  5. Sorry your school cancelled the big traditional festivities. Your niños deserve something really special, you must be so proud. And their success is a credit to you, too. Gold stars all around!

  6. Leslie... my granddaughter just went through the same thing...thank goodness she got the morning shift, otherwise it would have really fouled uo her ballet classes and art courses.

  7. So now how do you find out when they go to school? Sounds like a crazy but fun week.

  8. Congrats!! Wonderful marks!

    I did chuckle at your sequence of events. The unexpected is the rule I think.

  9. Congrats to your children on passing their grades. Just discovered your blog and have loved reading your previous posts. Please come and visit when you get a chance. I will be back to visit again.

    Hugs :)


  10. AY! The kinder my maid's daughter goes to wanted to have a big acto academico forcing parents to pay something around 500 pesos per child for a big party. Most of the parents, most of very modest means revolted and forced the school to back down. Freedom and revolutionary spirit still exists in Mexico. The country struggles to make progress which is slow for many reasons. It's certainly not that the people are complacent.

  11. Thats Great. Doesnt it make you feel like all that hard work paid off.