The Rains in Mexico

There is one thing that I have been looking forward to for a couple of weeks...the rain season. Rain season in Mexico, usually starts during the second half of June. Last week we were treated to a couple of light rain showers and one very nice electrical storm. (Thunder and lightening in Mexico deserves it's own blog, which will be written soon.) The light showers don't really count, because it only drizzled for a couple of minutes. The sidewalks didn't even get wet! Some people refer to this type of light rain as Espanta-tontos, it scares fools, like me, into thinking that it's going to be a huge rainstorm. This is usually when I run to the back patio to bring in my laundry before it gets wet!

The beginning of rain season offers us a welcome respite from the heat. The temperatures have been in the mid to high 90's. That's not really bad, considering I'm from sunny Southern California, where the temperatures are usually between 105 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But that's "dry" heat. I can handle that! What I can't handle is the humidity. Oh, it's just awful! I really hate walking around with that "sticky" feeling, all day. But don't get me wrong, we'll still have high temperatures during the day, just not the humidity. And with the rains in the afternoon and evening, nights will be much cooler.

Like tonight, I'm enjoying the wonderful sounds of "real" rain falling outside my bedroom window. What a wonderful way to fall asleep. Buenas Noches to all.

With Love,
Leslie Limon

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  1. I am so with you on this one.

    I have been suprised at how the rains have affected me. I feel part of something bigger and of nature. Sounds kinda silly but there is a karma associated with the anticipation of the rains and the actual joyful arrival.

    This is my first time to live somewhere where there is a dry season and a wet season. My home in USA can have any kind weather at any moment - seriously.

  2. I used to spend long summers in Mexico as a child and my favorite part was the rain, I remember it raining mostly at night and the thunder was so scary but all us cousins used to get together a grandmas and just sit around and chat all night in the dark with just candles.

  3. I was laughing Leslie when I read ... running for the laundry. I've done that numerous times! But you never know - it may be a real downpore. I love the way the rains make everything so green.

  4. ill go through my stash and see what seeds I have. Maybe you could plant some flowers too and when they bloom you could use them in your home. Unfortunately a Big woodchuck ate the tops off all of my greenbeans and peas and now they are ruined. Im really upset I spent so many hours tilling and tending to our little garden. I managed to save the broccoli and tomatos though. Its too late to replant the peas they are a cool weather crop.

  5. Hi Leslie,

    We are enjoying the rains here in Chapala as well, although we are driving back to Maine for the summer. Enjoy!

    Bill Frayer