Happy Bathday

This is part of the calendar that hangs in my kitchen.

Did you know that calendars in Mexico, have the name of the Saints being celebrated for each day? Not too long ago, it was customary for parents to name their child after the Saint that was celebrated on the day of their birth. It is because of this custom, birthdays are not only referred to as cumpleaños, but also as el dia de tu santo (the day of your Saint). Had my parents been living in Mexico, they might have thought about naming me Mauricia, because San Mauricio is celebrated on September 22nd. (I'm so glad that they weren't.)

You can celebrate your dia de tu santo, without it actually being your birthday. Take my son Nick, for example. His birthday isn't until October, but his santo is in March. All because his middle name is Patrick. So on March 17th, most of the family gives him a hug in honor of el dia de su santo, because it's St. Patrick's Day.

Today is Wednesday, June 24th. Just another day, right? Not really! Today is Dia de San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist Day). Today, of all days, is the ONE day you are SUPPOSED to take a shower or bath. The reason being, is that since John the Baptist baptized Jesus, water is Holy on Dia de San Juan Bautista.

May you all be showered with blessings.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Very informative. I did not know about the saints each day. Thanks!

  2. Today, June 24th, is my wife Gina's birthday. Because it is the feast day of San Juan Bautista I am going to suggest to her that we shower together. Wish me luck :)

  3. Also throw in the saving water angle. That might help her say yes.

  4. Pretty cool, I'll have to look up my bday!

  5. When I first started dating Ruben many years ago he had mentioned this to me. His birthday is on January 1. This is the day for Lucifugo. I told him that I was going to call him Luci until he got a picture of me up on his little collage of friends. (being that my man is such a procrastinator) I still call him Luci to this day. Almost exclusively. I love nick names.

  6. We old Russkies did the same thing. My saints day is January 8th. It was neat as a little kid. My Birthday was the 20th of December, then Chirstmas, Then we celebrated Russian Christmas on Jan 6th and then my Saints Day....didn't get many presents that way, but my Grandmother always made me a great cake.
    I miss the old traditions. And I don't think there is a St. Moonbeam......

  7. Nice post. Businesses in Mexico like restaurants, small grocery stores and stores in public markets use to give calendars like the type you show in the picture during December to their customers. Today some businesses still do that.