Rude Awakenings!

As I laid in bed this morning, enjoying the last few days until schools in Jalisco resume classes, my peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted. At the ungodly hour of 6:30 am, a car paused only feet away from my bedroom window, with it's stereo blaring. Who on earth could do something so cruel? And more importantly, why? While trying to gain some sort of composure after being awakened in such a surprising manner, I was able to actually listen to what was playing on the car's stereo. It was ¨Las Mañanitas¨! (Las Mañanitas is a very traditional song played or sang for birthdays and other special celebrations.)

It took a few moments for everything to register, but I quickly remembered that today is Dia del Maestro (Teachers' Day). It's celebrated every May 15th. Dia del Maestro, is the one day of the year that we celebrate and show our appreciation for all teachers. Each year the local government hosts a huge fiesta in honor of the teachers. But this years celebration was cancelled in midst of the flu frenzy.

Being an ESL teacher, my hubby and children greeted me with hugs, kisses and wished me a very happy Teachers' Day. My in-laws did the same. Not a bad Dia del Maestro after all!

So, in honor of this Mexican holiday, I wish all teachers a very Feliz Dia del Maestro!

With Love,
Leslie Limon

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  1. Being our 1st year in MX and with the flu situation - I had no idea. It was very sweet of your family to remember and honor you.