Fish on Wheels

Yahualica is a small town located several hours from the beach. For that reason, fresh seafood isn't readily available. We have plenty of carnicerias (butcher shops) in town, but no pescaderias (fish shops). What we do have, is pescaderias on wheels.

There are about 3 mobile pescaderias that operate in Yahualica. Our favorite belongs to Don Javier and his wife, who deliver seafood to us every Friday. They drive all around town selling fish, shrimp, octopus, imitaion crab and more. The seafood stays frozen because they carry the seafood in coolers full of ice.

Pescaderias on wheels might seem a bit strange to those living in the States, but I consider it to be one of the many perks of living in Mexico.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Jeez, I wish I hade a mobile fish selling vender in my neighborhood. How is Brownie?

  2. Not so strange, actually if you find a good one, support them!
    You will be rewarded with better quality food for your family. Nothing better than fish out of a ice chest instead of a plastic foam package with phony greens on the side. Same goes for chicken, the food in Mexico I believe that rural and independent food sellers is far better than large supermarkets.
    But let them know if you are not happy so that they know you know good product.
    I have been buying camarones from the same vendor for over 10 years, he know what I want and provides quality products. It a good relationship that we both enjoy!

  3. I'm still nervous about buying from a truck. I'm sure Ill get there eventually. We drove past a truck loaded full of extra animal parts like bones and fat. That's something you'll never see in the states.

  4. I do love the vast amount of goods and services that literally knock on your door- or more accurately, yell or honk through your screen door from the sidewalk. I love it. Everything from tamales and other snacks, fruits and vegetables, the guys who fix shoes and sharpen knives. I think it is fantastic.

    I would love it if the pescaderia would come to the house but at least we have a ton of them in town.

  5. HI my name is stephanie. I am preparing to go to mexico with my children from new york to meet their grandparents and enitire family from my husbands side. I love your blog and find the information useful. I have been doing a lot of research on the trip and trying to prepare the best I can . I am having a baby in the fall and will be taking it and my two girls ages 4 and 5. It should be an adventure.

  6. Leslie, I note that your blog casts an interesting green light on my laptop keyboard.

    Now, to the fish: haven't seen any fish trucks around Hacienda Las Cuevas, but just about everything thing else for sale has come up our street, including menudo sold out of a car trunk.

    In Arkansas, we used to have shrimp trucks station themselves and sell shrimp in bulk.

    Don Cuevas