Farewell Flu-Induced Vacation

After 3 weeks of a federally declared vacation, my children returned to school. All dressed and ready to go, my children only lacked one thing before leaving for school, the very latest in back to school fashion...facemasks. They were pretty good sports about it.

Upon arrival, the children were greeted by a group of teachers. Some of the teachers were checking the childrens' hands, paying special attention to the fingernails. The children had to have clean, trimmed fingernails. After passing the nail inspection, the children were offered anti-bacterial hand gel. Those who arrived without facemasks, were given a complimentary mask. How sweet!

School let out at the same time. No hours are being added to the school day. The principal informed us that school would be in session until July 14th. The news didn't bother me, but many others complained in protest. I figure that I was given an extra 3 weeks to spend with my children. I even got the chance to homeschool them. I had fun doing it and so did my kiddies.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Chrissy and Keith,
    Brownie is doing well!!! He's had his necessary shots and was de-bugged. :) We are all quite smitten with him, even our cat Junior!!!

  2. ah, thats good. He couldnt have come at a better time. All the kids were home to help train him during his "honeymoon" period.

  3. I am glad that they are back in school. And I am glad that you got to spen some extra time with them.

  4. Im glad to hear they are keeping them in school longer to make up the time. A lot of times I hear they don't make up the time but I wonder if that's just hear say.