Day-Cation and New Friends

Yesterday we were able to take the kiddies to one of our favorite day-cation destinations. The Rio Verde swimming pools are located about 30 minutes from Yahualica. These swimming pools are a popular destination for people from Yahualica and Tepatitlan de Morelos because it's a 30 minute drive from each town. The swimming pools are very clean. They are cleaned almost daily and filled with fresh, clean water from the nearby hot springs. Yes, hot springs. The water in the pools vary from warm to hot! (Think REALLY BIG jacuzzi!)

This was our very first trip to El Rio Verde alone. When I say alone, I mean just the six of us, without any grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. We've made many trips to El Rio Verde in the past eight and a half years, but never by ourselves.

The highlight of our day-cation was getting to meet Borders Aside blogger, Amanda and her family. She is an American, living in Mexico with her Mexican hubby and their 2 daughters. (Wow, already we have so much in common!) It's nice to make new friends, but after having read most of Amanda's blog, I felt as if we were old friends. Either way, I'm glad we got the chance to meet them. Our families got along well and my kiddies are already asking when our next encounter will be!

I'm off to cure my sunburn

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Sorry you got a sunburn...
    Thanks to my paranoia we all came out ok. lol

  2. isn't it funny how there is already this common experience between so many of us. I really love it. Sorry about your sunburn.