A Harsh Reality

When we first moved to Mexico, there was one detail that I had not taken into consideration. Our children were quite small, so this important issue never even crossed my mind. It wasn't until my eldest daughter entered first grade, that I was hit with a harsh reality. History! I knew nothing about Mexican history!

Laugh all you want! But, the only thing I knew about Mexican history was that Mexico lost at the Alamo. All of a sudden, I felt like I was starring in that nightmare in which I hadn't studied for an exam. Only it wasn't a dream and there wasn't an exam, it was only a couple of my daughter's homework assignments that I had no clue about!

First grade was pretty easy. The only thing we needed to learn were dates and what was celebrated on those dates. In second grade, we had to learn the names of the people associated with the different national holidays. Third and fourth grade was when things were most difficult, not only for my daughter, but also for me. We now had to research and explain why the national holidays came to be.

Oh, it can't be that difficult! 

Let me tell you, it is. At that time we still did not have access to the internet. The only information available was what was in the textbooks and in some bibliografias that we purchased at our local bookstore. But remember, I'm in Mexico where everything is written in Spanish. I know I have an extra advantage in that I am fluent in both English and Spanish, but I have never heard of most of the words used in my daughter's textbooks. My hubby would help when he could, but most of the time I would have to go explain to the teacher why Hope hadn't completed an assignment. I had to explain to this teacher time after time, that I did not understand what she was asking my child to do and that I could not comprehend what was written in the textbooks. History was the only subject we were struggling with. What a relief it was when Hope finished fourth grade.

Fifth grade History was a walk in the park compared to fourth grade. It was mostly a summary of all that my daughter had learned the last few years. Sixth grade has been quite interesting and thankfully I am getting a much clearer understanding of Mexican history.

I think I'm prepared for what Junior High is going to send my way!!!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Leslie,
    I am fascinated by Mexican history. It is so long and varied and entwined with both the history of the Mayans and the Mexica ("Aztecs")and the history of Europe. For more than three centuries the United States was only a bit player. However, I eventually found out that the history taught in the Mexican schools (like schoos in the U.S) has been, shall we say, "sanitized" or "revised" quite a bit. The deeper that you go into documented and scholarly Mexican history the wider your eyes will get :)

  2. Oldest Son is a "knowledge accumulator" so he has embraced the Mexican History and Geography with gusto.

    Being able to focus on Mexico has been another nice twist to this year in Mexico.

  3. Ok now Im scared, Glad I have the net and Bob to go running to when I get stuck. lol

  4. oh geez i will be going with two little ones and a new born-you got dirty looks. I better practice my smile and hola! We decided to rent a small apt for a month instead of staying with inlaws. Its in the same building as my cuniado. I love you your blog by the way lots of useful info for me! Stephanie