The End is Near!

Yes, the end is near! The end of Cuaresma, that is. By this time next week, everyone in Mexico will be able to enjoy eating meat and poultry on Fridays. It's amazing how people seem to crave that which is forbidden. Like Eve in the Garden of Eden. Atleast that's how I feel.

For Cuaresma, I promised to "sacrifice" my love of drinking Coca-Cola and any other cola flavored beverage. Yes, I admit to being an avid Coca-Cola drinker. It's my only vice. But I can quit at anytime. In fact, I haven't had a sip of Coca-Cola since February 24th, the day before Ash Wednesday. Prior to Ash Wednesday, I would drink Coca-Cola once a day, but rarely more than twice daily.

Many people told me that I would suffer some kind of withdrawal. I was also told that I'd be cured of my occasional insomnia and migraines. This did not occur, at all! I didn't get "the shakes", I've had a migraine or 2 during Cuaresma, and I still have trouble getting to sleep before midnight. I'm so happy to have proven that Coca-Cola hasn't been the cause of my "problems".

Now, back to my Eve in the Garden of Eden analogy. I finished February and March, with little "need" for Coca-Cola. I didn't even feel tempted to drink. Ah, but then came April. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to savor and experience an ice-cold Coca-Cola. It didn't help that my husband was playing the part of the Serpent tempting me, taunting me and trying to coax me into tasting my forbidden fruit. No wonder Eve succumbed! But, I have held strong to my promise. It is through this promise, that I now have a better understanding of the temptation Christ faced in the desert during those 40 days. (Which is why people promise to "sacrifice" something in the first place!)

I have less than a week to go. I'm so close, I can taste it!

With Love,

Leslie Limon (Modern-day Eve)


  1. When I came here I realized the Coke tasted better here. I now know that its due to they fact they use cane sugar. Although we are not catholic we should give something up each year due to learning the lesson of Christ like you said. This was a fun post to read.

  2. How funny, I also gave up coke and it was really hard when we were in Mexico for spring break because I LOVE Mexico coca cola bottles but alas, I was good and waited until Easter Sunday to have an ice cold coke and sadly had to come back the next day :(