Swine Flu

It's on everyone's mind and it's all anyone talks about here in Mexico. Many people are worried and afraid that they will be infected next. Government officials have declared that schools all over the country will remain closed until May 6th. This is being done in hopes to prevent further spread of the virus. As of this morning, no cases of Swine Flu had been confirmed in Jalisco.

This morning, we decided to send our children to school. We figured that if there had been any confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Yahualica, word would have spread and the schools would have closed their doors. All 3 of my school-age children said that Swine Flu was all that the teachers, the principle and the kids talked about. At school, they were told what Swine Flu is and what precautions they should take. As a result, my children are now very worried about being infected with Swine Flu. On the way home, my kids asked to stop at the farmacia (pharmacy) to buy cubrebocas (face masks), but the pharmacist informed us that they had sold out earlier this morning. My husband and I quickly answered any doubts or questions that the children had. Knowing that the virus is treatable was all my children really wanted to hear.

Now we're looking on the bright side and trying to figure out what to do during this one week vacation!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Hi Leslie
    yes, it is all the buzz here too. But it wont stop me from going there in May. Poor Mexico is taking a beating with all the Narco wars, Flu and now the Earthquake? Bring it on! We are still going. If the kids are still worried, maybe you can spend the day tomorrow making your own special masks.

  2. I agree, Mexico sure is taking a beating! But Mexicans are a strong people and they will pull through anything that is thrown their way.

    Making our own masks is an excellent idea. We have tons of cloth in the house, since my hubby has his own upholstery shop, right next door! Thanks!