Spring Break

When I think of Spring Break, visions of drunken college students partying on the beaches of Mexico, come to mind. But, I'm a married woman, and a mother of four. Spring Break in our home is much more wholesome and in my opinion, better! As I was preparing things for my children's return to school tomorrow, I took some time to reflect on what we had done during these 2 weeks. At first thought, I felt that maybe we hadn't done enough, that we hadn't taken advantage of every moment to it's fullest. So, I proceeded to make a mental note of what we did.

Unfortunately for us, Spring Break didn't get started until Good Friday, due to the fact that Nick was a bit under the weather. But that didn't stop us, we were able to play board games and watch movies together, with lots and lots of popcorn. Then of course, we went to the Via Crucis, which is the big Easter celebration held on Good Friday. Saturday was spent coloring the Easter eggs that we would use for Sunday's Easter egg hunt. That's one tradition we always enjoy. Easter Sunday was spent at the ranch with friends and family. We absolutely LOVE going to the ranch!!!

The following week, was spent at home, but 2 of my children's cousins joined in on the fun. I lost count of all the games we played; board games galore, hide-and-seek, red light-green light, Simon says, gallinita ciega (kind of like Marco Polo out of the water). We also enjoyed drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, lots of coloring and if we had time we'd watch a little t.v.

But the grand finale, was taking all the kids berry picking yesterday. We had so much fun. We loaded all the kids in our truck's camper. (It's still allowed in Mexico.) Then my hubby drove us to El Durazno, a nearby ranch community. From there, it was still a short walk through dry bush and cactus and over a couple of stone fences. I'd say that the walk was an effective 20 minute work-out, but my hubby informs me that we only walked for about 5 minutes. We had a great time, and the mulberries were so sweet and delicious. Maybe next year, we'll think to put the berries in the front seat, rather than leave them in the camper to be devoured by the kids!

All in all, I think we had a wonderful Spring Break and I'm saddened to see it come to an end!

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. Hi Leslie,

    I just checked out your blog. You have been in Mexico far longer than I and probably have a fuller "Mexican" experience. (I live in an area with many Americans and Canadians.) I also teach ESL, so I can relate. I saw your comment on my blog, Maine To Mexico, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your writing and photos. Keep it up. I will bookmark it. Felcidades! Bill

  2. sounds like you all had a great time with lots of family time which is never a waist.