The fruit in this picture are called pitayas. Pitayas are a cactus fruit, only available in the month of May. But this year, we were treated to this delectable fruit a week early. I had never heard of or tasted a pitaya before moving to Mexico. But having only heard wonderful things about this fruit, I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was a bit overwhelmed. There are few things that leave me speechless, and my first taste of pitaya was one of those moments. It's a taste unlike any other. If you happen to see a pitaya in your local mercado (market), please buy some, you will not be disappointed.

With Love,
Leslie Limon


  1. How do you prepare them to eat? Which cactus do they come from? I have about 50 Giant pricky pear cactus that have tuna all over them right now.

  2. You know I dont think Iv tried them, I will have to watch for them at the store. And have my husband or his mom tell me how to prepare them. :)

  3. Are they like "tunas" except from a different cactus?

    Greetings from Texas. Stumbled on your blog today. I like your food blog. My husband and I travel to Mexico from time to time, and our church has several trips to Parral/Chihuahua/other places a different times of the year. We love Mexico and have found the people to be most giving and kind.

    I've had opportunity to learn a few Mexican food recipes, and I'll be adding some of yours to my files!

  4. MMMMMM.........I LOVE pitayas, they are my all time favorite along with Pasifloras!

  5. Mama of 4,
    What are Pasifloras? I haven't heard of those until now! Do share!

  6. I am in your debt!!! ;^) We live...oops, I almost said "pegada to"...right next to a small village called La Pitahya. NOW I know what in the world a pitahya is!!! Hurrah!!! Unfortunately, I'm not sure they grow here. I'm pretty sure they don't grow in La Pitahya! lol

    Anyway, when May comes around, I'll be keeping my eye open for them.

    Nice to meet you! I bumped into you via the SITS girls. I'm looking forward to stopping in again soon. Come over to my place and look around a bit, when you have time!

  7. yay! know i know what these are called. one day in Mexico (visiting) i went for a walk with the sobrinas y ellas introduced me to some. they picked them we took them back home and ate them. they were really good! i was surprised!