Mid-Week Break & 2 Hour Lunches

Do you ever wish you could just take the afternoon off? (Especially mid-week.) What about your lunch hour? Have you ever wished your lunch hour was just a little longer? You might be thinking, don't we all wish for that? Well, in Yahualica, we don't wish, it just happens.

Lunch here in Mexico, is like dinner in the States, being that it is our heaviest meal. This is a time for families to sit together, partake of a wonderful meal and share the going-ons of their day. Lunch is usually eaten at 2 pm. How can that be? Aren't the kids in school? No, the kids get out of school at 1 pm. What about work? Most business' close at 2 pm for lunch. After lunch, people relax, watch tv or take a nap. Yes, the famous siesta. You don't have to worry about going back to work until 4 pm. Most business' reopen at 4 and close at either 7 or 8 pm. Then it's home again, for a light dinner. When I first moved here, I did not like this schedule. But now, I love it, and I imagine that it would be very difficult for me to readjust to a 9 to 5 schedule. Plus, I think the kids would miss their 4 and a half hour school days!

Another great thing about living in Yahualica, is having EVERY Wednesday afternoon off! When business' close at 2 pm for lunch on Wednesday, they don't have to worry about reopening at 4 pm. They just stay closed. Most families take advantage of having Wednesday afternoons off, by going to La Presa (local park/dam) or to El Rio Verde (nearby swimming pools). Another alternative is La Ruta Ciclista, it's a family bike ride around Yahualica. Whatever people choose to do, it usually involves the family.

What a blessing to live in a place that offers more time to spend with the family.

Leslie Limon

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